Queensland Telecom is proud of our great state, and amazing people. We  value our levels of customer service immensely, and take pride in being able to offer tailor made plans, that suit exactly what you need and want.

One Bill.
We’re a full service telecommunications provider meaning we can provide all your communications on one single bill. So that’s one simple payment per month and one company to deal with. Just makes life simple.
Direct Contact. When you’re with us you’ll have our direct contact details so if you’ve got a question you know who to come to. It’s the kind of personal service the big telcos just can’t offer.

Standalone Home Phone Plans

Home Phone  AllDay Phone  EveryDay Phone
$29.95 p/mth $55.00 p/mth
$77.00 p/mth
Local Calls 20c  Included
National Calls 18c min (Capped $2.20 for 2 hours) Included Included
Calls to Mobile 29c min (Capped $2.20 for 20 mins) 29c min (Capped $2.20 for 20 mins) Included
Flagfall 44c 44c  Included
13/1300 44c 44c  44c
Critical Information Summary
Critical Information Summary
Critical Information Summary

Other Information

Can I keep my phone number?
Yes, you’re number does not change when moving over to QTelecom.

Can I Bundle this with my ADSL?
Yes you can – we also have specific phone and Internet bundles which may also be of interest. Call us on 1300 857 863 to discuss your needs.

Am I on a contract?
No you are not locked in on these phone plans as they are a month by month type service.

International Call Costs

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