NBNco™ – Battery Backup

How can I check if I have a backup battery?

Take a look at your NBNco™ box and if you have a backup battery there will be a box next to it just for the battery. This will be connected directly to the power socket and the Network Termination Device (NTD) (where the Ethernet sockets are located). The battery box will have a door on the right which can be opened to check/replace the backup battery.

What if I don’t have a backup battery?

If there is a power failure at your premise, you will not have access to your phone and internet service over the NBNco™ network. This also includes emergency calling, usage of attached devices such as Back to Base alarm, medical devices and more.

What if I do have a backup battery?

If your NBN™ box is fitted with a battery in the Power Supply Unit, then your NBNco™ hardware will remain active for upto 5 hours. However, all other devices not supplied by Nbn™™ (EG: NQTelecom supplied modem, your cordless phone etc) will not work without an alternate source of power (EG: A UPS) should the mains power cease for any reason.

What are my options if I don’t have a backup battery on my NBN™ box?

To ensure you can make emergency calls you, there are two options below:
1) Keep a mobile phone with charge accessible in case of a power failure (your mobile doesn’t need a SIM card in it to make an emergency call (000).
2) Connect an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to the following devices: NBNco™, Modem and Cordless phone (if applicable). The duration will depend upon the usage and battery of the UPS.
NQTelecom recommends that you consider if the NBNco™ is suitable for your needs and if so, which option suits you best.

What if I want a backup battery?

You can purchase a backup battery online or a retail shop. The link below has a list of retailers you can purchase a new or replacement backup battery. You can also arrange to recycle your current battery via this link.
NOTE: Back to base (NQTelecom) battery monitoring will not be available for retrofitted batteries.

What if I require priority and medical priority services?

Unfortunately, NQTelecom does not offer priority and medical priority services. If you require these services, please refer to the NBNco™ website to find a suitable provider that meets your specific needs.

More important information here on Priority Assistance.

I have a backup battery that requires replacing, what do I do?

Visit the NBNco™ website, they have a section where you can pick up a backup battery and replace it or someone can come out and do it for you (this is not a service NQTelecom offers). Alternately, you can purchase a replacement battery online using the same specifications. It is a user serviceable battery/device.

More information is available here.

Will my Medical or house alarm work in a power failure?

Your NBNco™ service will only work in a power failure if you have a UPS connected to the NBNco™ device and Modem. Failure of any of these two devices will make any Back to Base devices unusable.

How will I know if my battery is worn out/needs replacing?

The power supply (where the backup battery is housed) will beep every 15 minutes. You can silence the alarm for up to 24 hours by pressing the ‘Alarm Silence’ button on the device.

Important notes

If you choose to have the NBN Power Supply Unit with Optional Battery Backup Service (pictured below) as part of your installation, it comes with the battery when it is first installed into a home or business.

In the event of a power outage, your landline phone and internet services over the NBN won’t work if the battery is faulty or missing.

NQTelecom highly recommends that the Power Supply Unit with Optional Battery Backup be installed for ALL new connections. NQTelecom also highly recommends that users have an alternative means of communication, such as a mobile phone, available in the advent of a power outage.

Battery Specifications

Battery type: 12V 7.0-7.2Ah 6 Cell VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 94mm (H) x 64mm (D)
Terminals: Quick Disconnect F2 6.35mm (W) x 0.81mm (T) Faston® Tab terminals.
These should be located 8mm from the side edge of the battery casing, and 12-24 mm from the top edge of the battery casing (please see picture below for more information).
Only batteries that have terminals in these exact locations will function.


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