Can I keep my business phone number if i switch to the NBN?

‘Number porting’ (the ability to take your number with you) rules will not change with the introduction of the NBN.

To keep your phone number, ask your preferred service provider to confirm when you transfer your service over to the NBN.

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How long will the installation take?

If your business already has a fibre optic cable connected to a NBN utility box outside, standard installations normally take approximately two to four hours. If your business does not have the fibre optic cable connected, then a standard installation could take approximately four to eight hours. Non-standard installations may take longer.
NBN Co will aim to keep any disruption to your business to a minimum. If you have alarms, an EFTPOS terminal or a lift phone, it is recommended that you contact the provider of that service before the NBN is connected to ensure these services continue as normal over the NBN.

Will my EFTPOS terminal work on the NBN?

The NBN is capable of supporting the operation of EFTPOS terminals, however please speak to your bank and  (depending on the type of terminal) preferred service provider to determine if they offer the necessary service features for your EFTPOS terminal.

Some banks may also offer upgrades to terminals and connections over an internet service via the NBN.

What if I have other business telecommunications services?

If you have business telecommunications services other than a standard phone line or internet connection (like ISDN, frame relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Megalink and DDS), those services are currently exempt from being switched off and will continue to work until further notice.

What if the power goes out at home – can I still use the internet or phone?

If you choose to have the NBN Power Supply Unit with Optional Battery Backup Service (pictured below) as part of your installation you’re service will still work. It comes with a battery when it is first installed into a home or business.

In the event of a power outage, your landline phone and internet services over the NBN won’t work if the battery is faulty or missing.

QTelecom highly recommends that the Power Supply Unit with Optional Battery Backup be installed for ALL new connections. QTelecom also highly recommends that users have an alternative means of communication, such as a mobile phone, available in the advent of a power outage.

How much will NBN cost?

A standard installation of NBN equipment is currently free of charge. Ask your preferred provider if they have any other fees.

There is a range of competitive plans available from a number of providers – so you can enjoy the benefits of the NBN for a price less than you might think. NBN Co doesn’t sell direct to the public, so you need contact your preferred phone or internet provider to switch your services to the NBN.


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