Choose what speed you want. Simply choose your speed. In each speed description the  first number is the download speed and the second number is the upload speed.
Choose how much data you want.
Just select how much data you need over a month dependent on how often your use the internet and how much data you download.
Shaped speeds so you never get excess charges.
If you want the peace of mind of a fixed price each month then simply choose to be slowed down once you reach your data limit.

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I am the applicant whose name appears on this Application. I am the lessee/authorised person of the telephone line which I am applying for ADSL or Phone service to be connected on. I have read, understood and agree to be bound by QTelecom’s Standard Terms & Conditions. I understand QTelecom may exchange information with a credit reporting agency, to obtain a consumer credit report about me, and/or to allow the credit reporting agency to create/maintain a credit information file containing information about me. All the information I have provided in this Application is true and correct. QTelecom will not use this information for any other purpose other than to get you connected to our network or services. Further information about this can be found on our website.

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