Features & Benefits

  • Australia’s biggest ADSL2+ network
  • Australia based technical support team
  • Speeds as fast as your line can go
  • 10 email addresses
  • Monitor your data usage online

Choose what speed you want. Simply choose your speed. In each speed description the  first number is the download speed and the second number is the upload speed.
Choose how much data you want.
Just select how much data you need over a month dependent on how often your use the internet and how much data you download.
Shaped speeds so you never get excess charges.
If you want the peace of mind of a fixed price each month then simply choose to be slowed down once you reach your data limit.

NEW Monthly Plans

ADSL2+ Download GB Per Month
Everyday Starter 100GB $79.00
Everyday Value 250GB $89.00
Everyday Bonus 500GB $99.00
Everyday Extreme 1TB $125.00
Critical Information Summary

Plan Features

All ADSL2+ services are available on a no contract month to month arrangement. All new ADSL connections have a setup fee of $110.00 deferred and waived if the service is connected on a 12 month commitment.

Speed is reduced to 256 kbps once the Monthly Allowance is reached and is reduced for both downloading and uploading speeds.

Both uploaded and downloaded data are counted towards total amount of data used.

If you cancel your ADSL2+ service within 12 months of connecting, you will be required to pay the initial setup fee of $110.00 – billed as an Early Termination Fee.

Changes in speed or plans are free.

Static IP address $10.00 per Month.

The actual speeds may vary due to many factors such as your distance from your local telephone exchange, the quality of your copper phone line and broadband equipment. Acceptable connection speed rate for ADSL2+ plans is minimum 900kbps/150kbps (down/up stream).


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